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Material Culture Quarterly

          (Library of Congress ISSN 2168-3913)            


Material culture refers to the physical objects, natural resources, and architecture that define and perpetuate beliefs, values, rules, norms, language, and institutions in society. Non-material culture refers to the intangible beliefs, values, rules, norms, language, and institutions that perpetuate, and are perpetuated by, material culture of society. In a circle of mutual influence, unfortunately, material culture is often overlooked or dismissed as pedestrian or arbitrary. The mission of this journal is to seek the juncture between the discrete beliefs of particular societies as represented in the physical form of objects utilized in those societies. In the words of Linna Funk Place, material culture is the discipline where object is subject. 


Published by The Hollander Collection, this peer-reviewed journal welcomes papers, book reviews, and other formats in which scholars will illuminate this intersection between material and non-material traditions. We seek to be pluralistic in soliciting works that address a wide spectrum of societies in the global community.


Please monitor our site for a call for papers later this fall, as we prepare to release our first issue--Volume I, Number 1.

Anthony D'ascoli, Ph.D.


James Swaner, MA

Library & Information Science  

Peer Review Coordinator

Sean Foreman, Ph.D.

Editorial Board

Jason S. Hamilton, Ph.D.

Editorial Board

Rick McMonagle, Ph.D.

Editorial Board

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